A highly experienced marine technical services business - operating worldwide

If you want to maximise shipping time for your vessels - timely and speedy maintenance is essential.

Larssen Engineering understands just how expensive non-operative vessels or marine equipment can be to our customers. With a work force with over 35 years of experience of delivering marine engineering services we have met a wide range of technical challenges.

It is this combination of wide ranging and in-depth technical knowledge within our team that means we can offer fast, efficient and cost effective services that enable our customers to maintain their schedules.

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A Marine and Industrial Engineering Specialist

Larssen Engineering is a marine industry engineering specialist. Whether the equipment is on-shore or off-shore, we deliver an extensive range of services to cover a wide variety of vessels and equipment.

Marine Engineering

  • Repairs, overhaul and surveys of ships Main Engine and Generators
  • Auxiliary machining: compressors, pumps, etc
  • Boiler overhauls and re-building
  • Deck equipment repair, crane, winches, hatches & cargo equipment
  • Cargo pumps & cargo handling equipment
  • Deck and hull repairs.
  • Pipework in mild steel, stainless steel and Kunifor
  • Heavy Lift Cargo Gear
  • Hotel type refurbishing and upgrading projects
  • Modifications to I.M.C.O. and SOLAS requirements

Dockside and Servicing Equipment

Design, build and repair of:

  • Specialised material handling equipment
  • Hydraulic equipment and rams
  • Grabs (Mechanical and Electro Hydraulic)

Overhaul and repair of :

  • Dock side cranes, elevators and hoppers
  • Dock and sewage pumping installations
  • Standby generating plant
  • Bridges

Background to the Business

Founded in 1979, Larssen Engineering started life offering services repairing local ships and manufacturing machine parts from our premises in East London.

Since that time the business has grown and diversified to service a wide range of marine and marine services machinery. Now operating worldwide, Larssen Engineering also offers on-voyage repairs helping our customers to maximise asset utilisation.

The company has a very low staff turnover which means we have retained a wealth of in-depth experience and advanced technical skills from the wide range of marine service work we have undertaken over the years. It is this breadth and depth of experience within our team which allows us to undertake difficult repairs that other marine services businesses would simply write off.

Over the years our customers have to come to trust the consistent high quality service work delivered by our team and we pride ourselves that our customer turnover is as low as that of our employees.

Some of Our Clients

B.P. Shipping
Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd.
World Wide Shipping
Burmah Oil
FleetPro Passenger Ship Management